Monday, March 21, 2005

109 year old Thelma sure is Purdey

All voyagers have heard of Lin and Larry Pardey – they've been the quintessential cruiser advocates for many years and developed, from their lifestyle, a cottage industry of seminars, books (the Capable Cruiser, etc), videos and other assorted guide material for those who may dream of the cruising life, but have not yet managed to leave the dock for more than a long weekend. You can read more about them here – but be sure and check out this article about their purchase of one of the oldest racing yachts in New Zealand. S/V Thelma was designed and built near Auckland by C. and W. Bailey in 1895 - built of Kauri wood and fastened with copper rivets she was a 60th birthday present from Larry to Lin. You can read Lin’s account of their purchase and subsequent refit on their weblog here. These people are modern day sailing sages. And kudos to them for turning their adventures into well-found resources for the rest of us (as well as $$ for their cruising kitty).

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