Saturday, March 26, 2005

Still more comments on rum (new top ten)

More excellent feedback on the original rum post – two or three from various anons and one from geoff. We start out with thumbs down on “Lambs Rum” (is that Lambs Navy, Demerara Rum?) in favor of aged Bundaberg Gold from North Queensland, Australia. The gold brand of Bundaberg was passed by way of an Etchells sailor. Had to look the Etchells class up, it's worthy of a seperate post. Bundaberg is sssmooth with a fruity taste like a Demarara or older Dominican rums. Our aficionado goes on to note that the closest taste to Bundaberg Gold in the States is Myers Planters Punch or some of the lighter Appleton rums. He also reminded me of rum a college friend turned me on to - Anejo (this poster had a flavor called Ron Anejo Anniversario.) Our Boulder friends called it “rat bat” after the logo and made it a legend many miles from the Bahamas. Ron Anejo Anniversario (from Venezuela) is cask aged for at least 12 years. Somebody wrote recommending Austrian rum, of all things. It was introduced to him by one of his Austrian girlfriends and they drank it in gallons to get themselves cross-eyed and naked. Another wrote to add Pyrat and Ron Zacappa Centenario. Nice, dark and a great “sippin” finish on both of those. So on sheer enthusiasm as a measure (mixed with a little research) this is the list. Feel free to add/subtract through comments. We've only scratched the surface.
Top ten rums loved by voyagers, zealots, poets and populists...who sail:
* Goslings
* Pussers
* Bundaberg Gold
* Anejo (Anniversario)
* Ron Zacappa Centenario
* Cockspur
* Cruzan Gold Reserve
* Lambs Rum
* older Dominican rum
* austrian mountain sauce gets my lady naked-type paint thinner rum


Anonymous said...

To be clear, I wasn't recommending the Austrian rum except perhaps as paint thinner or BBQ starter.

windsend said...

I am surprised not to see Mount Gay on your list, not because it is necessarily the best rum, although it works for me, but because of all the support that Mount Gay gives to sailing. Sure, it's self-serving, but not any less praiseworthy for that. I have heard from those who have toured the open air sheds of the distillery that one unusual ingredient added to Mt. Gay is antibiotic, to offset any nasty bacteria in the occasional bird or bat shit that finds its way into an open vat... talk about spiced rum.