Monday, April 18, 2005

The Rockville Regatta

A final post on low country sailing. The wedding on Saturday was in Rockville, SC, about an hour south of Charleston on the Bohicket creek. This trip has been a good reminder that sailing culture is an intimate part of coastal geography down south - as well as an opportunity to learn a little about how the south sails. The reception was held at the Sea Island Yacht Club, less grand than the previous nights cocktail party at the Carolina Yacht Club in Charleston but a place of equal historical significance in these parts. And to the point from the last post of these clubs bringing the past into the present, Sea Island YC is the home of the (locally) famed Rockville Regatta. Here's a very good article on the topic from Sailnet, which describes the event as a "NASCAR meets Wimbledon."

The Rockville Regatta holds a special significance and appeal for everyone who attends. Much of this stems from the fact that it's always been somewhat of a family affair, with its ranks populated by the descendants of plantation owners who annually sought refuge from the August heat in their summer homes here.

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