Monday, April 11, 2005

Spring fever

Unbelievable spring weather this past weekend in the northeast...the sort that had every winter weary sailor worth his or her salt sanding, priming, cleaning, varnishing, unpacking and airing out gear in preparation for the season. I was invited to help wet sand and rig an Express 37 I’ve been racing with since I moved to CT from San Francisco but, unfortunately, couldn't make it. To those who dread boat maintenance, “unfortunately” might be the wrong word...but for me there's nothing quite so much fun as messing about on boats - even if they are still on the hard in the yard. The seasonal rituals of boat maintenance (winter storage/spring prep) have definitive qualities that evoke thoughts and feelings related to the great cycle of life, a love of the water and warmer weather, the anticpation of endless summer evenings, crossing the line at twilight, anchoring under a hundred million stars. Whether it's sanding the bottom, digging in a mildewed locker, clearing lines or sorting the long as the sun warms my back, birds sing and a fair salt breeze stirs the boatyard - this is work with a purpose and it gladdens my heart. Here's an article about prepping from Another good resource for spring prep in Boating World.

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