Friday, May 13, 2005

Updates: Almeisan Disaster & Graeme Kendall

A few updates from previous stories to round off the work week but before I get to them I wanted to say that I hope all Zephyr readers have the chance to get out on the water over the weekend. It's still a bit early for the Northeast U.S., but by no means impossible to think that you may be spending your Saturday rather than weeding and mulching (like me). Here’s a full account (may need to register to view) of the recent disaster off of the coast of VA in which sailor Thomas Tighe perished. The article relays the perspective of Christopher Ferrer, one of the three relative novices who were aboard the 45-foot sailboat, Almeisan. In the article they compare the weather the vessel encountered to the blow featured in the novel and movie, The Perfect Storm. It’s a bit of hyperbole that, while far from accurate, can be forgiven in light of the tragedy. As well check out this update on sailor Graeme Kendall’s attempt to travel solo non stop around the world via the Arctic Northwest Passage. I first posted on this back in April – it’s a very daunting voyage and I look forward to following Graeme’s progress closely. He’s set to round Cape York, Queensland, in the next 24 hours and as the article recounts, “…will pass north of Australia and then head around the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, then north across the Atlantic to the northern coast of Canada and Alaska through the Northwest Passage. He then travels south across the Pacific Ocean, returning to Auckland. It is estimated the trip will take 150 to 180 days and cover 28,000 (40,000km) nautical miles…”

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Pat Drummond said...

Graeme Kendall’s attempt to travel solo non stop through the Northwest Passage (north of Canada and Alaska) was successful. He's the first.