Thursday, June 23, 2005

Dreaming of the Big Blue

It’s long been a dream of mine to sail the Med. If you are on the Caribbean circuit in the spring there is usually the chance to crew on a delivery across the pond right after Antigua Race Week. Unfortunately I didn’t take that opportunity when I had it, but it’s on my short list of sailing destinations to hit before they plant me. Meanwhile I’m armchair cruising – tremendous two page article on Italy’s “big blue” here. According to the article the Ligurian coast in the north of Italy is one of the most beautiful stretches of the Mediterranean Sea…the view from the water of the cliffs and craggy coves with the immense outline of the Alps is “breathtaking.” Top ports-of-call from the many coastal towns and fishing villages include Ventimiglia, San Remo, Bordighera, Santo Stefano al Mare, Imperia, Diano Marina, San Bartolomeo al Mare and Genoa. One of my favorite things about our sailing culture is that so many cruising sailors are happy to share their insight on destinations like the Ligurian coast. We're lucky to have literate voyagers relaying their experiences for the benefit of both dreamers and doers. I’m planning to move back from the former camp to the latter one day - but in the meanwhile I’ve also posted on Dalmatia and, on a less idyllic note, the Red Sea. Anyone out there have favorite armchair cruising grounds (or stories) to share?


Anonymous said...

I have been driving retired Maxis full of international travellers around the Whisunday Islands for just over a year and still find them great and the sailing interesting.
The Whitsundays are about halfway up the coast of Queensland Australia, inside the Great Barrier Reef.
The islands are relativly unspoilt National Park and are very attractive with lots of great anchorages to choose from.
Come over and check us out, there are several bare boat charter companies in the area including the big ones, Sunsail and Moorings.
Geoff Smith

Zephyr said...

Thanks Geoff - I'll post on this soon...