Monday, June 13, 2005

Pacific Standard Time

I’m out in Southern California this week for business so I’ll be posting on Pacific Standard Time. This afternoon I’ll brave the freeways to Newport Beach for dip in the ocean and tasty fish tacos. Newport Beach is a well placed port from which to embark on a sail to the Channel Islands…not many places to tuck into but the Channels make a great day or overnight jaunt. On the Pacific note, a dramatic rescue underway in New Zealand right now – two sailors, a husband and a wife, are fighting for their lives in massive seas and gale winds 740 kilometres northeast of North Cape aboard the Scot Free. Scot Free is Canadian registered - the skipper is from Canada, his wife English. According to news reports they were sailing from Whangarei to Tonga when they got caught in the storm...due to the bad conditions it will be 24 hours before they divert a merchant ship. Aside from hoping for their safe rescue, I have to note that New Zealand is a favorite voyaging dream – someday I will make a passage to this spectacular country.


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