Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thank You

I'd like to take a break from regularly scheduled programming to thank the many readers, far and wide, who have come (and returned) to Zephyr. As you can see clearly from the below pie chart - while the bulk of readers originate in the U.S. - I’m pleased to note that seventeen other countries are represented. It’s the ultimate compliment that I’ve reached audiences beyond the United States. Sailing culture, the overarching purpose of this weblog, is a topic that crosses borders, political affiliations, rums of choice and whether you’re for boxers or briefs (I say let the boys breathe). Sailing itself is a passion that allows folks from all walks of life and parts of the world to relate to one another. The concept of “voyaging” is intrinsically about crossing boundaries and going beyond the comfort zone to discover and explore. The racing circuit is international. And one of the nicest public comments about Zephyr on record was made by the European editor of Scuttlebutt. I’m deeply thankful to have a robust collection of readers from the U.S rounded out by sailors from all over the world. My only request is that if you like what you read here, please forward the link to your mates. Cheers!

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EVK4 said...

Despite reading Zephyr religiously, I somehow missed the article on Southbound Herb until I read the European Scuttlebutt post. There has to be some way to let Herb know how much he has helped Transatlantic sailors; he not only got us through safely, but helped us make some good friends who were crossing near us. A running joke on our passage was how the crew on the Tennessee boat would say "roger roger" about ten times per Herb check-in...I still chuckle when I hear that. Roger that.