Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Go Forward Team Shosholoza

In sailing news today South African Team Shosholoza is challenging the long line of rich, old white men who traditionally compete in the America’s Cup race. The BBC moved a story here with background on the team and an update on their training regimen, profiles on team members etc. Sponsored by shipping magnate Salvatore Sarno, the team is comprised of young black and mixed race men from the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. I’ve posted on blacks in sailing here and discussed Shosholoza team member Ashton Sampson here…this development is part of a welcome trend towards obliterating the homogenous status quo in sailing. Hundreds of years won't be erased overnight but onward, upward and good luck Team Shosholoza.

  • A Zulu word, Shosholoza means "Go forward" or "Make way for the next man"
  • It is the title of an African song traditionally sung by black convicts enduring hard labour
  • It has been recorded by several artists, from Ladysmith Black Mambazo to Peter Gabriel

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