Friday, August 19, 2005

Rising Fuel $$ Hampers Power Boat Sales

A good follow-on to our earlier conversation on the despicable trend towards ruinous fossil fuel draining “giga” yachts – MSNBC is reporting that in Seattle rising fuel costs are engendering a move from power to sail. According to the article, new-boat sales statistics from the Northwest Marine Trade Association indicate that sailboat sales were stronger than those of motor-powered vessels during the second quarter of 2005. Sail craft sales rose 4.3 percent during this period compared with the same quarter of 2004, while sales of new motor yachts dropped by 8.1 percent during the second quarter of this year, according to association statistics. I’ve just received my home heating oil contract for the winter and it has doubled over 2004, a 100% increase year over year. You can bet that I’m buying my wife and kids wool sweaters and warm slippers for Christmas this year. As we collectively feel the pain from rising fuel costs, behaviors are going to shift…if one consequence of this is a drop in the power boat fleet then let’s call that looking on the bright side.

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