Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Surfing for Sailors in Newport Beach

Here’s a report in the Newport Beach Daily Pilot on a technology trend that, eventually, will take hold in marinas and ports-of-call worldwide. Imagine being able to sail into a harbor, drop anchor and log on to high-speed Internet wirelessly to catch up on email, get weather updates, research the next anchorage, place VOIP calls over the network, update your blog, hold a virtual conference call, check your declining bank balance, instant message Herb Hilgenberg, etc. Many are familiar with wireless networking technology (or Wi-Fi) – according to the article a company called Seven Seas Internet has installed multiple access points in Newport Harbor, allowing visiting and resident yachties to log on and conduct their Internet business…monthly subscriptions, offering unlimited Internet access, cost $25. Users can also buy a $20 "Scratch and Surf" card for 500 minutes of access. As connectivity becomes ever more essential, the proliferation of these types of harbor networks will allow cruising sailors to communicate and access information as if they were on shore. Those of you with jobs that allow you to “work from home” take heed.

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wingssail said...

This is what I want to see in harbors and marinas around the world, and it is coming. Horay!

Next I want to see a broadband satellite connection that works on a sailboat at sea, for a reasonable price. Shin Satellite (IPStar) is going the right direction, now we need some ground station equipment for it that works on a boat. Finally I might be able to cruise and still be connected!