Thursday, August 04, 2005

TIME OUT: Sailing Movie Quote Quiz

For all of you sailing movie buffs - I was watching one of my favorite films last night and thought I'd throw a little quiz your way. There are times a movie character thrills the viewer with his or her authenticity - the things they say and do, and the way they do them and say them seem to ring true. This takes good acting, good casting and most of all, really good writing. So who said the following, what movie was it and who was he addressing?

"You know what's out there? Wind and wave and rain. Endless glassy pools that'll hold a sailing ship for weeks and then spit her out into the eye of a hurricane. A blow that could knock the bridge off a battleship. Reefs and rocks and sandbars that'll tear the belly from her and enough fog and night to hide it all. "
Unrelated - check out this terrific story in Cruising World about Humphrey Bogart's old yacht, now restored to her glory, the schooner Santana.


EVK4 said...

sounds like something Jeff Bridges would have said in White Squall trying to scare the kids straight. I really doubt that's correct but I love entering contests.

Anonymous said...

It sounds similar to:
You can't run from the wind. You trim your sails, face the music, and keep going. -Captain Christopher "Skipper" Sheldon played by Jeff Bridges

Zephyr said...

You guys win!! Too easy, I guess ;-)