Friday, September 09, 2005

2005 Louis Vuitton Act 7 (Photo Credit: Chris Cameron)

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Jarrett said...

A-Cup is cool, but they should all be match races.

Will you display your email address on the site? There's no way to contact you except by leaving a comment, which may be wholly unrelated to the topic. If it is here, it is hard to find.

A bunch of old America's Cup boats raced out here on LI, in Sag Harbor. I saw the blimp watching from overhead, but could not get to the races myself (babysitting my future bowman/crew, my nephew). If I can find an article online about it I will email(?) it to you.

Love the site. Check it 20x/day. Read it every day.

If you are ever out on LI and you need a fix, I'll take you out on the South Coast 23. I'm keeping it in all winter except for a short haul for bottom scrubbing and waxing.