Friday, September 16, 2005

Built for Speed

Sailing World reviewed a new cat yesterday, the Reynolds 33 – pinning it as a multihull version of the current market trend towards fast, classy monohull daysailors (Morris M36, J/105, etc). According to the review the builder, California-based Rand Reynolds, worked with Morrelli & Melvin Design over a couple of years developing prototypes before finally settling on a 48-foot aluminum rig and a 14-foot beam. Reading through the review the Reynolds 33 sounds like a truly exciting boat to sail, “…speed is what makes this former windsurfing sailmaker's blood move…” but I have to admit a purist dislike for Cat’s and Tri’s. Yes, I know they’re quick, the center saloon layout with berths in the pontoons can be nice, love hanging in the trap upwind or lounging in the netting in the bow while ripping along at 14 plus knots. But I have never, ever, seen one and had the same longing to possess that, say, the Friendship 40 elicits. It's just not there. Like that hot 24-year old I spy on the streets of midtown Manhattan - she's different yet the same every time. Dressed to kill, tight body built for speed, struts down the sidewalk like she knows it pert nose tilted to the sky. Sure I'd like to take her for a sail...but I don’t want to pay the maintenance (not to mention I'm happily married ;^)

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