Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hell Hath No Fury

I tend to stay away from tabloid fodder but this was just too good to ignore. According to an article in the Gulf of Bahrain Daily News, a London couple’s marital spat dissolved into destructive mayhem (as they often do) – the wife put their allegedly £100,000, 35 foot sailboat code named Rebel up for a fire sale at the low, low price of £40,000. They had apparently sailed the Med together in the craft and the husband, incensed that his wife was selling, took an axe to the seacock and sunk it. No background on the cause of their marital distress - but it’s not hard to imagine that she discovered him in flagrante delicto with her best girlfriend aboard the good ship Rebel after coming home with a headache mid shift (she’s a waitress) and proceeded to freak out, demand a divorce and all the other things a wife does when she finds her husband helming an illicit vessel…now disgusted by the boat upon which they’d once enjoyed romantic moments under sultry Mediterranean breezes (and needing money for her lawyer) she decided to screw him and sell it. He reads the ad in the paper over morning coffee and reaching for his trusty axe swears that he’ll see Rebel at the bottom before she’ll get one blasted dime…something like that.

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