Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A Mothers Misperception

We saw our 3 ½ year old off to his first day of Montessori school this morning so it seems appropriate to focus on education. Here’s a story from the AP published in the Asbury Park Press about the "Sailor for a Day Camp" aboard the A.J. Meerwald, a restored oyster schooner used as a floating classroom to promote ecology, conservation and appreciation for marine habitats. According to the article the program is operated by the nonprofit Bayshore Discovery Project. The 115-foot ship offers more than 250 public cruises, educational outings and private charters annually from ports in and around New Jersey. This is the sort of program that all communities near water could use but, of course, it takes time, money and dedication to make these things happen. We all recognize that. But what threw me was the quote from one of the students mother’s at the end of the article. "It's a great experience," said Susan Orr, 39, Orr's mother. "It's nice that they offer something like this with such hands-on opportunities. Sailing's a dying art now. Everything's motorized now; no one wants to go through the trouble of sailing."

A dying art, eh? Give me 10 minutes with Ms. Orr aboard a Swan in 20 knots…sure it’s an “art” honey but it ain’t dying.

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