Monday, October 03, 2005


Anyone who goes to sea is well aware that there are elements of the ocean environment that can be related to everyday life. No need for me to sermonize on this…but here’s a brief piece from, of all places, the Galveston Daily News, relating the experience of Hurricane Rita to certain aspects of ocean voyaging. In my opinion the analogy holds quite well. Experiencing a hurricane is as close as a land dweller will get to knowing what any passage-making sailor intrinsically understands…namely:

• The sea teaches forehandedness
• The sea teaches accountability
• The sea teaches decision making
• The sea teaches self-sufficiency
• The sea teaches reality


EVK4 said...

The most important thing the sea has taught me is to reef early. Outside of the scope of your discussion of course, but I thought it should be known.

Zephyr (Sail) said...

Oh yeah, that too ;-)