Thursday, November 17, 2005

RPG Armed Pirates Take Aim

I've written about pirates in this space before but here we go again - earlier this month pirates attacked the Carnival-owned cruise liner Seabourn Spirit off the coast of Somalia. According to this news story out of Seattle it was the first piracy attack on a cruise ship in more than a decade - and one of more than 200 attacks that have occured on the high seas in 2005. The story quotes a Seattle passenger who described the melee in an e-mail saying, " My daughter saw the pirates out of our window. There were at least three RPG's -- rocket propelled grenades -- that hit the ship, one in a stateroom four doors down..."

Wow, pirates blasting you with RPG's can really make you wish for the Coast Guard....which is, of course, unlikely to be coming to the rescue off the coast of darkest Africa. Though boarding a cruise with Somalia on the itinerary - despite the all you can eat shrimp and open bar - is probably not the wisest course, here's another bright idea. Take careful note of the latest and greatest piracy report...

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