Friday, November 11, 2005

The Volvo Ocean Race Begins!

According to National Geographic... formerly known as the Whitbread Round the World Race, the Volvo Ocean Race sends superfast sloops circling the globe—the hard way. Following the prevailing winds, the course is deliberately plotted through some of Earth’s most inhospitable environments. As a result competing boats can expect to face three-story swells, iceberg-strewn seas, and ship-swallowing squalls.

As much as I love to be offshore this sort of thing is a very good show from the sidelines. The 2005 - 2006 race has a spectacular web site. Leg One - from Vigo to Cape Town - begins tommorow...the start what always is - and I'm sure will continue to be - an absolutely gripping tale of round-the-world offshore racing drama. For those who want a masterful first hand account I recommend Gary Jobson's "Fighting Finish: The Volvo Ocean Race Round the World 2001–2002." Says a review in Southern Boating, January 2003, "Much less expensive, a lot safer, and wholly more practical than racing around the world yourself is reading, Fighting Finish: The Volvo Ocean Race Round the World 2001-2002. It brings all the excitement of this challenging event to your coffee table.

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