Friday, December 16, 2005

Circa 1998

Captain Tom Motley, who writes the weblog Motley Maritime Productions - sent me this photo along with holiday wishes. The year is 1998 and the boat is the 77' maxi Javelin. We're bound for St. Maarten out of the BVI, probably to the Heineken Regatta that takes place annually in March. I look at this picture and consider how far I have traveled in the few, relatively short intervening years from a 28 year old man with freedom he regarded (if he reflected upon it at all) as his right. Two young children, a wife and a mortgage later I realize that it was, instead, a privilege and though I consider myself blessed...I look around the office and feel doubly fortunate to have had it at all. God willing some day I'll have it back. Thank you Tom for the reminder!

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