Friday, December 02, 2005

Fan Mail

Recieved mail this last week worth mentioning. My old friend and former captain Tom Motley wrote regarding a post from the Newport Bucket this past summer...

Hey Mate,

You might mention that Avalon won the second race beating Whitehawk over the line by 11 seconds, winning the Newport Bucket Cup. Credit to Jim Gibson for tactics and Ron Holland for driving as well as the entire crew.


Tom Motley

Excellent point Tom...consider it mentioned.

I wrote about Kiteship and their push to equip seagoing freighters with chutes a few times and Dave Culp, who notes that their kites power sailboats as well, invited me to experience the Kiteship difference up in Newport first hand - come spring. I gladly accepted. Spring can't arrive soon enough...a very tough position for a guy living in a place where the sun currently sets at 4:30 PM.

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