Friday, December 23, 2005

Winter in Newport

Here's a jump to a great story about liveaboards in Newport, RI. When I think of boat bums it's generally the "Cape Cod Bob" variety from my time in the islands. Cape Cod Bob was an old salt from Wellfleet, MA who lived on a decrepit sailboat anchored in Charlotte Amelie Harbor, USVI. Thrice divorced, he'd washed up on the Yacht Haven Marina scene and lived a cheerful life punctuated by rum, sand and sun. The Yacht Haven I knew is gone (courtesy of Hurricane Marilyn) but Cape Cod Bob and his brethren are probably still there - the folks in the Newport story seem slightly more reputable and certainly hardier. Winter in Newport, RI is no great shakes and it has little to recommend in the way of warmth…at least of the tropical sort.

May your days be merry and bright!

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