Wednesday, January 04, 2006

2005 Sailing Stories

OK - back in the office after a week at the beach. Joy. Before we put our collective shoulders to the wheel of 2006, pause for a moment. What were the biggest and best sailing stories in 2005? Obviously AC coverage was most prominent - at least in terms of the various "Acts" that played out in Europe. My favorite "human interest" story was Hatashita's Voyage, most dramatic maybe the sinking of the Pride II (correction: dismasting...thanks Willie Waw), most historic maybe the Rolex Transatlantic...

My favorite post (of my own ;-) is this one.

What do you all think?

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Willie Waw said...


Correction -- the Pride II didn't sink; they were dismasted and are currently undergoing repairs in St. Nazaire, France. They plan to be underway on February 25 en route to Lisbon, San Juan and the East Coast.