Monday, January 09, 2006

Dee Caffari Update

I wrote about Dee Caffari, the "wrong way" sailor a while back - here's a bone chilling update from the UK Sunday Times titled, "It’s so lonely fighting the seven seas." In reading the account, most of it taken from satellite phone conversations with the reporter (who admits to taking her call in his "jim jams") one gets a real sense for the emotional roller coaster a solo sailor faces in extreme conditions. At one point, discussing exhaustion, she says, “I have only had two sleeps of over an hour since I’ve been on board. You listen for danger in your sleep; the sail starts flapping and I am wide awake. The first week I was so frightened I slept with my eyes open.”

She says that the support she gets from fans keeps her going so for God's sake, log on to the web site and send her a message. As the article reminds us, over the next
80 days she battles through the stormy, treacherous southern seas.


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