Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Semper Paratus

The winter season in the Atlantic Ocean in well on us and, fortunately for wayward voyagers, the Coast Guard (motto above) is on the scene. Here's a jump to the 5th District press release can see that they've been busy searching for missing crewmen, rescuing tugs, locating overdue boaters and so on. Despite a penchant for enforcing rules and regs (what a drag) we really should be grateful for the Coast Guard...speaking from experience, if you ever need them you certainly will be. In my case we welcomed CG assistance to keep the S/Y Javelin from sinking to the grim depths of the Puerto Rican trench. For more on that read the Zephyr-exclusive sea tale "Eluding Davey Jones" in four parts here and here and here (and here).

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