Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Bitter End Yacht Club. Unique?

Came across an article on my favorite "sailing" resort, the Bitter End Yacht Club in the B.V.I. My first encounter with the BEYC was aboard a bareboat charter with my family when I was a senior in fact I remember sitting in the cockpit at anchor in the North Sound watching a tanned, khaki clad first mate casually scrub the side of a big charter sailboat after the guests went ashore and thinking "I could do that..." So in a way the BEYC was (partly) responsible for the next four years of my life as a chief deck scrubber, drunken charter guest babysitter and itinerant boat bum. There was, of course, more than met the eye that day I discovered.

But back to the article - the author makes the point that resorts that offer a unique experience inspire an almost unprecedented loyalty among vacationers. The BEYC is one such example certainly and, I think, in the sailing world perhaps the only one. Anyone have other spots that offer the sailing family this type of immersive-yet-comfortable experience?

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