Monday, February 13, 2006

Fitness for Sailors

For the Northeast U.S. sailors who think that getting in shape for the spring season (yes, it's will be here before you know it) consists of shoveling snow and wistfully mixing rum drinks in front of the telly - here's an article from the Baltimore Sun about the Annapolis Athletic Club sailing fitness class run by veteran Harry Legum.

"When you're sailing, you have to move quickly," said Legum, 41. "You have to explosively get up and start performing. If you're not working out, the chances of getting hurt are higher."

Amen Harry. Who wants to join me in creating a business plan for a national chain of sailing fitness clubs? We could be th
e Bally Total Fitness for weekend warrior buoy racers. We could make a billion and buy the Swan of our dreams. OK, maybe the blizzard of ought six has addled my brain...but how many of us who actually go to a gym wouldn't opt for a fitness program tailored to sailors? And is there a way to strength train the liver?

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