Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Maiden Voyage

I don't usually look to the LA Times for my sailing news but here's a terrific story about a "novice" who decided to deflower herself on an ocean voyage from Singapore to Oman....we're talking the Indian Ocean. I myself aspire to park in the Maldives for an extended stay some day and though I enjoy a stint offshore (and am long ovverdue) I'm not certain I'd opt for the 3,000-mile, six-week open-ocean sojurn to the Middle East. But this gal did and at she wrote about it. Rather well in fact...

"It's like living on a roller coaster; 24/7 the small boat slams forward, bouncing hard, leaning on its keel. The wind pours over the starboard rail, tilting my world to port. I'm covered with bruises from slamming into stuff. I learn to cook, sleep and eat at varying angles. When it really howls, I walk on walls. "

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