Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Annual Annapolis Sock Burning

Speaking of Eastport (see 3/17) they recently burned the socks in the maritime republic...for those of you scratching your heads, this is an anticipatory rite of passage for winter weary sailors more than ready for the spring season. The forecast calls for highs of 30 degrees...so it won't be warm enough to wear boat shoes sockless just yet.

Still, this bodes well for those of us who last hoisted a jib in October 2005...

"It's a good idea to stand upwind," warned John Morgan, 77, who joked that stinking sock fires signify warmer weather ahead. Celebrants sipped red wine, ate oysters and speculated how long until they could go barefoot without their toes reddening from the cold." - Forbes 3/20/06

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