Friday, March 17, 2006

The Maritime Republic of Eastport

A reader wished Zephyr a happy one year anniversary today from the "Maritime Republic of Eastport." It's a great opportunity to comment on one of my favorite sailing "towns." In the shadow of better known Annapolis, Eastport is the working brother of the Newport and Southwest Harbour-type sailing villages. It's the home of many a fine sailmaker, boatbuilder and marina. It's the cradle of the superb Eastport Yacht Club. And it was the birthplace of the once world reknown Marmadukes. I wrote about this bit of local lore in a post last March titled, "We miss Marmadukes (and homeless in Annapolis)."

From the MRE website, "...the Maritime Republic of Eastport was founded on Super Bowl Sunday, 1998, when patriots residing on the Horn Point peninsula rose up in revolt against the snobbish suppression of "Annapolis Proper" across the harbor."


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