Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Fever

The mercury pushed 70 degrees today in Connecticut and as I walked back from the parking lot today after lunch, I felt the breeze ruffle my hair and took a deep breath through my nose, inhaling the rich scent of earth awakening after the long winter’s night. Daylight savings arrives this weekend, bringing with it the promise of lazy summer sails deep into cocktail hour and plenty of time to leave the office a bit early to make the dock for Wednesday night beer can races. I realize I’ve been a bit brief this week...but here’s wishing all of you a touch of spring fever. It will be time to get out on the water soon and I, for one, can not wait.

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hold fast said...

The tall "summer" clouds are ramping up, the weather is swinging between restless shifty wet winds and windless furnacey badnees; summer is coming, summer is coming... getting to 90 in the shade again.
While the north celebrates, thoughts here turn to, "will i get the boat in the water soon enough to avoid hurricane season, or do i give in, go ahead and tie it back into the sandscrews?"
Almost time to move back to where the seasons are normal!