Monday, April 03, 2006

Rock Fever

In response to the “spring fever” post I had a poetic reply from holdfast down in the islands… “The tall "summer" clouds are ramping up, the weather is swinging between restless shifty wet winds and windless furnacey badness; summer is coming, summer is coming... getting to 90 in the shade again.”

He closes by noting that maybe it’s time to move back to where the seasons are “normal.” I’ve spent a few sweltering summers in the Carribean islands and can appreciate his sentiment…and he has a refreshing perspective for a winter weary Yankee...but c’mon my man, it’s hard to know what you have until you've left it behind. Take a summer run up to Newport for a week, sail around Maine or spend a few days on a beach on Block Island and then get thee hastily back to your island paradise, the place where all of us up here WISH WE could live year round. Worrying about getting chomped by a hurricane is the price you pay for existing in blissed out tropical nirvana.

Just remember holdfast, rock fever can be cured quite easily. Winter can’t.

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hold fast said...

Oh don't get me wrong... i'm not really complaining! The majority of my seatime came in northern BC and southeast Alaska... Like most western Canadian sailors, i know the cold and wet!