Monday, May 01, 2006

2nd in Overall Race, Movistar Takes 1st on the Chesapeake

Volvo "In Port" Race - Saturday, April 29, 2006
(Photo Credit: Amory Ross)

As I mentioned on Friday, the Chesapeake Bay Volvo "In Port" race took place over the weekend. I couldn't make it out to the course and so don't have a lot of first hand info to add... but a reader emailed me these photos (thanks NovelistEye) and you can read a summary of the event here on the Volvo site. Apparently Movistar, second place in overall rankings, was victorious under light air and brilliant sunshine - rounding the buoys in just under 2 hours 22 minutes.

Baltimore In Port Results
1 Movistar 2h 21m 32 secs 3.5pts
2 Brasil 1 2h 26m 07 secs 3.0pts
3 Pirates of the Caribbean 2h 26m 07 s 2.5pts
4 Ericsson Racing Team 2h 29m 17s 2.0pts
5 ABN AMRO TWO 2h 29m 49s 1.5pts
6 ABN AMRO ONE 2h 35m 18s 1.0pts
7 Brunel 2h 35m 50s 0.5pts

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NovelistEye said...

Sorry I broke the link to the photos - here are the photos remixed.