Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Mea Culpa

Guess I need a history lesson...Tillerman quite rightly offers a correction to my previous post.

Surely Moitessier did not win the 1969 Golden Globe Race. He was in position to win but, on entering the South Atlantic, chose to continue sailing rather than head for the finish line in England. He kept sailing east and finished his one-and-a-half times-round-the-world journey in Tahiti. Robin Knox-Johnston won the race, I believe.

Tillerman believes correctly. Instead of finishing Moitessier changed course, headed eastward along the Roaring Forties (after having already crossed his outbound track) on a second nonstop circumnavigation, automatically dropping out of the Times race.

My apologies for the factual error (and thank you Tillerman!)

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