Thursday, May 04, 2006

Such a Feeling

I worked and lived for a while in the San Francisco Bay area - moved out in 2000 for the dot com denouement. One of my favorite chroniclers of the dot com debacle was Wired Magazine... happily they've survived and become, I think, one of the best written feature-driven technology publications on the market. And they even write about sailing! In the May 2006 issue Carl Hoffman covers carbon-fiber trimarans...detailing how they are using cutting edge technology to overtake every record in the books. Like any speed machine these boats need speed demons and sailors like Damian Foxall and Thomas Coville fit the bill.

What we do with these boats is amazing," says Thomas Coville, who was at the helm of Sodebo. "To be flying on the foils at 35 knots with the sail at the perfect angle is such a feeling." - Wired Magazine, May 2006

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Tillerman said...

I used to subscribe to Wired but then chose not to renew when they veered off into too much media news - movies, music, games etc. If they are rediscovering their technology roots and even writing about sailing I'll have to give them another chance.

Too bad about the title though. I guess they chose it way before it became cool to be wire-less.