Thursday, June 01, 2006

STC Block Island Race Sets Attrition Record

Our boat left out of Brewer Yacht Haven Marina in Stamford, CT last Saturday - in the parking lot I noticed a fleet of sail trailers and at dock, a number of racing sleds with their deck apes standing idly by. Shows how out of the loop I am...clueless that it was the weekend of the Storm Trysail Club's annual Block Island Race, which began late Friday afternoon (May 26). Though many boats showed up to compete, most dropped out due to light wind and fog which explains why there were so many fast yachts going nowhere at Brewer's docks. According to the STC web site, 103 boats started but only 15 finished.

This has to be a new record in attrition for distance yacht races.

STC is a venerable ocean racing club with quite a history. It was founded in 1938 by a group of well seasoned offshore racers...mostly from New England and the NY area. From the club's site - "..the birth of The Storm Trysail Club dates from the gale which scattered the 1936 Bermuda Race fleet. The exact time would be the instant when Salee's mainsail blew out beyond repair and the storm trysail was set for the jury-rigged trip home." Membership of about 800 individuals is by invitation only to expert offshore sailors who have experienced storm conditions and are capable of commanding a sailing vessel in such conditions.

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