Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday Sail vs. Monday Morning

I woke yesterday morning on Maryland's Eastern Shore, a sailing paradise generally at it's loveliest in the spring and fall seasons. Summers are known to be an oppressive combination of heat and humidty, light air and swarms of stinging jellyfish. As they say, August on the Chesapeake is better spent in Maine. Luckily it's early June and yesterday morning was crisp and clear with a steady ten to twelve knot breeze. Once we were clear of the mooring we set sail out the Tred Avon River on a nice reach past Oxford, then set the hook up La Trappe Creek for lunch. The land around Trappe is nearly gives you a sense of what the area must have been like before the destination was "discovered." We had to motor back in light air but the day remained picture perfect. I took the above photo of a very happy singlehander off our port beam.

I'm writing this from a windowless office. The disparity between these two environments is, if I allow myself to consider it, quite painful.

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