Tuesday, July 25, 2006

500 Posts & the Newport Bucket

Yesterday was the 500th post on Zephyr...a mark that speaks, at least, to consistency over the past 18 or so months if nothing else ;-) ANT thanks for your comment yesterday on the Royal Cork and Crosshaven. I can't wait to try the seafood-chowder, on the terrace with a pint of irish brew.

I had the good fortune to crew on Tom Taylor's Ron Holland-designed yacht, Avalon (formerly Gleam) during the Newport Bucket Invitational Regatta last July. I wrote about it extensively and, as well, covered the sad news of Tom's death back in February. I was not in attendance at this years race (held last weekend) but you can click through the web site to get a sense of the event - limited to sailing yachts above 80' - view race results, photos, history, etc. During the cooler part of the year the organizers hold the St Barth's Bucket in the islands which, according to reports, was utterly becalmed...not good news for sailboats this size. Hope they had a good blow up in Newport last weekend. Highlights of my experience last summer include racing with Ron Holland himself, having the charter chef for the classic J-class yacht Endeavor as a crew mate (and getting a tour of the beauty), meeting yacht designer Ted Fontaine on one of his Friendship 40's dockside...and generally having a hell of a good time at the races and parties.

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Duffy said...

Hey Zephyr,

I just read your account on the passing of Mr. T. Very sad, indeed. How are you doing these days?