Friday, July 14, 2006

Mackinac Island, Great Lakes Yachting Mecca

Ward commented recently on the mecca post..."For the next two weeks (between the Port Huron-Mac and Chi-Mac races) Mackinac Island is some form of yachting Mecca, let me tell you."

He's right. Tommorow as many as 250 boats and 2,500 sailors set off in the 82nd annual Port Huron to Mackinac race -- among the world's longest fresh-water races with one of the largest fleets on the international circuit. The following Saturday is the start of the historic Chicago to Mackinac, which I wrote about earlier in the month...check that post for more detail.

Race details aside, Ward makes a valid point...too often coastal sailors neglect to give due respect to mariners from North America's "Inland Seas." As copy on the "Great Lakes Cruise" web site says: Over the centuries, these huge inland seas—which contain more than one-fifth of the world’s standing fresh water—have fascinated humankind. Voyageurs and homesteaders, poets and storytellers, missionaries and mapmakers, Native Americans and pioneers have all been drawn to the timeless beauty of the region.

All that being what it is - the Great Lakes are also home to some very good sailors. Thanks for the reminder Ward!

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