Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Ass (Sailing) Yachts

I'm a fan of big ass yachts. Not the Larry Ellison/Bill Gates-type stink pigs of course...but more along the lines of the graceful, schooner/J-Class/gaff cutter "dream on" you salaried wage slave type yachts. If you're with me then I've got a web site. Gerard Dijkstra & Partners was originally founded as Ocean Sailing Development Holland BV in 1969 by Gerard Dijkstra. The outfit specializes in yacht design and the building supervision of ocean going sailing boats and fast short handed racers.

Here's a jump
to their "big class" yacht brag sheet. When you have a list that begins with Shamrock V, Endeavor and Velsheda...where can you go from there? Answer: Adix. Also check out the square riggers. And happy dreaming!


Anonymous said...

What a shame that the linked site uses a photo of Endeavour on the Velsheda page. There are only a hundred photos of Velsheda around online. Surely they could have arranged to use one of them. Endeavour's visciously sharp bow point is so unique.

Ben said...

Look sharp; Adix is in New England somewhere. I saw her tacking, then anchored off Camden, ME, a week ago.

Ben said...

PS email me if you want a current Adix pic. I tried sending it to you but mindspring account failed.

Zephyr said...

Ben - pls email me pics: wbmiv35@gmail.com