Thursday, August 10, 2006


Belgium sailor, Jan Wouters, will set off in November 2006 to attempt to sail solo non-stop around the world via the southern oceans for his Sail Cape 2 Cape campaign.

He'll leave from his home port of Cape Town, round the Cape of Good Hope, sail under Cape Leeuwin, round Cape Horn and remain in the southern ocean back to Cape Town - the first solo circumnavigation taking this route. All previous around-the-world races have left from the Northern hemisphere...starting and ending in the Atlantic Ocean.

Jan has set up a very nice web site for fans to track his includes a downloadable "teaching kit" that targets 8-12 years old school children. Environmentally oriented, the teaching kit details Jan's adventure and focuses on ecological issues pertinent to the rugged southern ocean landscape he'll travel, including - via an organization called "BirdLife" - the plight of the endangered Albatross.

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Tillerman said...

Will this really be the first circumnavigation by this route? Surely Moitessier in his 1968 Golden Globe race and continuation to Tahiti must have completed the route from Cape of Good Hope, past Cape Leeuwin, round Cape Horn and back to Cape of Good Hope - and then some? OK - Moitessier didn't start and finish at Cape Town but he did about one and half loops of the Southern Ocean.