Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An unexperienced young woman

Surfing the NYC craiglist "boats for sale" page this evening and came across the below, a recipe for near certain disaster. I'd like to see this posted on the local yacht club board...

Is she unexperienced or inexperienced?

If creeps would be "in over their head" with her, might the rest of us?

And what's this Grosse Pointe daddy's girl doing trolling craigslist in "boats for sale?" Might she have better luck in "casual encounters."

*sigh* At least she claims to know luff from leech. That's somewhat promising.

Sailing Experience WANTED!

Date: 2006-08-01, 12:23PM EDT

I'm an unexperienced young woman looking to begin what will hopefully become a life-long passion, sailing. I'm 24, a fast and avid learner, from Grosse Pointe, MI, where I grew up right on the lake in a community that has three yacht clubs. My sailing experiences so far have been limited to my childhood, where I was a frequent passenger on my family's catamarans. I would love to learn the ropes by being crew on a racing boat, or by helping out anyone who needs a weekend sailing partner. I do know luff from leech, and most other basics, but not from a hands-on environment. I currently live in Manhattan, but would definitely hop on the train/bus to meet up with you wherever! Please email me at: minkdreads "at" (Please no creepy men looking for a target- you'd be in over your head with me.) ...Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

*sigh*-ing harder than you are, amigo. My state taxes have helped fund this person's prefix-deficient 'education' to the tune of many thousands of dollars per year. It ain't bargain basement spending-per-student time in the assorted Grosse Pointes.

As far as creeps, heads and being in over such go, well, you've shown your true gentlemanly colors to zero in on the optimistic "luff" and "leech" bits.