Sunday, August 13, 2006

Walking the Plank to Windward

On my way back to CT from vacation in Asheville, NC - I stopped for the weekend on Maryland's Eastern Shore. August is Log Canoe season due to the light air and I was able to engineer a terrific photo shoot off of Oxford, MD today under clear, sunny skies...I'll be sharing the best of these shots in the weeks to come. Those unfamiliar with the Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe observe the planks run to windward in the above photo. Weight moved out to these planks in the form of nimble crewmen is the only way to keep the boat upright in a gust. For more check out the CBLSCA web site. I'm in Annapolis tonight at a hotel on State Circle...the crab soup at Middleton Tavern is outrageous.


seadated said...

I know all too well the pains of sailing the Chesapeake in the summer. If only the telltales were flying straight back, this photo would be a typical September Spinsheet Magazine covershot.

Tillerman said...

Ah yes - Middleton Tavern - enjoyed a superb meal of oysters and crabcakes last time we were in Annapolis. Enjoy.