Thursday, September 21, 2006

Might Makes Right

In a graphic example of what can happen when a sailboat tangles with big iron, the A.P. is reporting that one person was killed and two others rescued after a sailboat and a coal freighter collided in Long Island Sound early yesterday. Though the sailboat was 92' LOA - no dainty daysailer by any definition - the freighter was 600' and likely as not failed to register the bump as it mowed the good yacht Essence down. My parents sail offshore in their Morris 46' and when they're passing through shipping lanes at night, my mother is known to sit for hours in the cockpit, eyes glued nervously to the horizon...determined to ferret out the lurking freighter with the dozing watch captain. I admit...I've poked fun at her before.

No longer.

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AdriftAtSea said...

I find it difficult to see how someone could miss seeing a boat almost 100' long, with some fairly large sticks coming up off the deck.