Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Wash My Feets and Drive Me to Valencia

Busy times at my day job so a short post today. The SF Chron carried a story in the last Sunday edition on Valencia's new status as a tourist destination - thanks to the upcoming America's Cup. I once spent a month in the late 90's traversing Spain and the city of Valencia - known widely as a dump - was not a highlight of the tour. But according to the article the government is spending $637.5 million to spiff up the city with most of the money going to the waterfront..."in a spasm of pride about being the first European city to host the cup since 1851." A sailor can make themselves at home in just about any port with a bar...but the verdict is out on Valencia as far as I'm concerned.

In case you're wondering the title of this post is in reference to the much debated refrain of a certain Phish tune...

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