Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coffee is for Closers

Captain Thomas Motley (of Motley Maritime Productions) has come to land, for awhile, in Deltaville, VA where he's taken a job selling yachts. They say that the best two days in a yacht owners life are the day he (or she) buys the boat and the day that it's sold. If that's so then prospective sailboat owners in the VA Tidewater Region better watch out...Motley will have them in a boat (and paying for it handsomely) in a New York minute.

Tom says check out the Beneteau First 10R. It's a new 32' one design racer/cruiser designed in partnership with Farr and looks like a great ride. Here's a detailed review out of the '05 Paris Boat Show. Good luck on the sales front Tom and remember, coffee is for closers.

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