Monday, October 23, 2006

Fair winds and following seas

I'm writing from the JetBlue terminal in JFK, outbound to Oakland, CA for a trade show...

Here's excerpt of the goodbye note I sent my parents, who are leaving Tuesday for an offshore voyage and extended cruise of the Carribean aboard their 46' sloop.

Despite a number of occasions where I questioned my sanity in actually
volunteering to crew offshore and swore that, were I to safely reach
land, I'd never, ever be so foolish again...for four or so years I
went back over and over and over. Why? Now I see, with the clarity
of distance, that the experience of being on the ocean gave me
opportunity I very much needed to learn and to grow. The ocean was a
place I sought willingly in order to confront, accept and better
understand the deepest parts of what makes me who I am.

Two thoughts...

You can't buy something like this at the chandlery, stow it in a
lazarette or seal it in a vacuum bag.

And though seeking to "find oneself" is typically associated with
youth...I'm in favor of recognizing and welcoming this type of
opportunity throughout life. Are we ever really completely found?

Fair winds and following seas.


Tillerman said...

"Are we ever completely found?"

Great point. And the truth is that in the middle part of life when many of us get so busy with careers and raising a family there isn't always time for exploring and adventure.

AdriftAtSea said...

It is amazing how well a bit of time and distance can change the things we remember. Offshore passages are a lot like that...when we're on a bad is easy to say we'll never do it again...but once we've been ashore for long enough... the siren comes calling, and we are more than willing to answer it.