Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Getting Ready to Go (and staying ashore)

After all of the hype I did not get to go sailing this past weekend because the boat - see below photo - is spending its days torn apart in preperation for a delivery south. I did help hoist the Captain to the top of the mast in order to facilitate the repair of the foghorn. I did help winch the new Caribe inflatable aboard via a spin halyard and lash it to the foredeck (again, see photo). And I did gaze longingly upon the many colored sails as they raced off the Tred Avon Yacht Club (photo).

I had quite a few chances to reminisce about my past southbound fall deliveries and their various mishaps and close calls. That was fun ;-) And I did have the chance to wish my parents well in their voyage, which I'll be writing about occasionally as the opportunity presents.

It's a strange feeling to be in the postion of staying ashore when for so many years I was the one going to sea. "It all comes around," were the last words I said to my folks as I drove away yesterday with the wife and kids. They just smiled and nodded their heads...

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