Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SAIL Magazine Beware

Now well written and topical sailing blogs surface regularly...but when I started writing when baby Claire came along March 2005, there was "whitespace" in the niche world of sailors & writers with something to say. I wrote in a vacuum with notice from Sailing Anarchist bastards who, when someone posted a link back to me on their precious SA message board, became enraged.


Not that anyone of us jellyfish compare to Huffington-type blog politicos - but there is a strong sense that we've got the root of a community. The whitespace is being filled with many colored markers and this fledgling community is more visible than any one individual rant. Given the diversity of sailing blogs and the no end of ways to cover the sport and pastime of locomoting via a breeze, I'd say that, collectively, we make quite a virtual publication. SAIL Magazine beware...

In this spirit I thank Eric Sorensen for his most recent comment on yesterdays post, Eric writes "From the Dock" - the official blog of the S/V Mistral. For an example of a blogger crossing over to dead trees (or maybe vice versa as he's titled "Northwest Weekend boating columnist"), take a glance at this feature story Eric authored for the Seattle Times about the birth of a love affair with a 31' Ben Seaborn-designed sloop named, you guessed it, Mistral.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you Zephyr. The point is that it's the sharing and dicussion between blogs that makes it interesting. Dead Trees don't do this. My sailing mags are piling up and getting dusty.