Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Comment Envy

I'm lucky to get comments at all on Zephyr and believe me, I'm thankful for each and every one. But I have to admit to comment envy after reading the below from Scuttlebutt...which is hands down my favorite online sailing publication. I was going to write an update on the Velux 5 today but after scanning Richard Clark's rant, I thought the better of it ;-)

From Richard Clark, New Zealand: I love sailing, I love those who do as
opposed to those that prop the bars at yacht clubs, and I love people like
Donna Lange who have insane dreams and go sail classic designs around the
world. But I ask myself, why am I becoming turned off by boring, screaming
yachts barely surviving around the planet in so many races, like the present
Velux 5 Oceans, that I continue to hope will inspire me to follow their
progress… but don't! Where are the Maxis, where is the Whitbread, yachts
that held together with sailors who did it for the sheer joy. Doesn't anyone
else lust after a race around for Maxis, no one design rules, just good
looking boats I can drool over and crews that I can relate to. Young, old,
male, female, black, white. Who cares, just damn fine sailors with damn fine
skippers on damn fine boats. I am honestly starting to yawn at the
newsletter. I truly don't give a damn anymore if sailing grows or dies,
regattas with coaches in pursuit boats – really! The Olympic classes are
becoming dull. I can't wait for the Americas Cup with egos and big bucks and
big boats. Good old fashioned Pirates with a capital "P". Enough of all this
dreadfully dull trivia. Even RKJ doesn't do it for me any more. One bloody
good race for a simple trophy and no money, around the world, unlimited.
Bugger me, now that is sailing.


Anonymous said...

Of course, this past year, there was just such a race. The Jester Challenge. No big prizes, no fancy boats... just one sailor per boat, sailing cross the Atlantic for little more than the recognition of doing it.

Blogger said...

Thanks for carrying the note from Richard. He's a piece a work, and we love it when he chirps in.

As for his comments, we suspect that Richard is not alone, and each day at Scuttlebutt we work hard to seek out the parts of the sport that he longs for. Feel free to let us know if we are missing anything.


Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt

Zephyr (Sail) said...

Thanks Craig and Dan for the comments.

Craig - I'm a great admirer of your pub... Keep up the good work!

Dan - as always I appreciate your thoughts. I'll research the "Jester Challenge"

Pat said...

Sometimes it's refreshing to just go out and do something different, but simple, out on the water. Or take a new sailor or a kid out and get a fresh perspective.